» Porlezza kindergarten
  •  Committente: Comune di Porlezza
  •  Progettista capogruppo: Arch. Giovanni Cavalleri
  • Gruppo di progettazione
    Arch. Albino Pozzi
    Arch. Natalia Rossi
    Arch. Maurizio Tassi
  • Strutture: Ing. Mario Passalacqua
  • Impianti
    Ing. Giorgio Fontana
    Ing. Cristina Sioli
    P.I.E. Marco Cocquio
  • Consulenti: Arch. Luigi Fabbri
  • Direzione Lavori: Ing. Andrea Esposito
  • Impresa Costruttrice: Carnazzola Camillo S.p.A


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 Kindergarten for 6 section and nursery school  - Porlezza- Italia 2006

Eco sustainable project  

The project includes the realization of a Maternal School to 6 sections and a nursery for 20 infants and is developed through a long and meditated run aimed at to conjugate numerous problem list through the contribution interdisciplinare of most different competences: pedagogy, architecture, structures, fittings, quality of the container, quality of the contents.   
Therefore, one is since the first phases reasoned regarding the management of the forms, of the volumes, of the spaces, of the inside organization, of the choice of the materials and very other anchor, but with the constant attention to the formative demands and the correct insertion of the children.   
Within a precise wish to reach to a realization from the notable contained environmental, varied and complex they have been the individualized choices as qualifying and finalized to the attainment of this objective, what:   
- an elevated thickness of the general insulation;   
- one contemplated technical quality of the materials employees;    
- one studied orientation of the construction toward the sun and the light;   
- a form of the whole compact building sufficiently;    
- an exploitation of the sun for free solar gain through the ample glass door and windows;   
- an exploitation of  free sun through the solar panels;    
- an exploitation of geothermal energy for the ventilation environment;    
- an employment of specific formalities and particular typologies of heating;   
- an employment of technology to elevated efficiency for the plant of heating;   
- the search of the maximum healthiness for a microclimate in all the inside environments;   
- the employment of sweet ventilation in all the environments.   
The integration and the synergy of all these factors have allowed to get a good energetic behavior. This means in practice to reach performances to the best standards of low consumption with an application of inferior annual heating to 30 kwh/m.sq, less than a fifth of a traditional construction.    
Values that still improve can be reached in the future for instance increasing the anticipated endowment of solar collectors to roof opportunely.   
Equally, the installed power in central thermal he has nearly gone down up to domestic levels of equivalent fact to the simple mural boiler. For maximum safety in terms of continuity of the service and not less to minimize the consumptions subsequently, such boiler has been divided in two small unities in parallel.   
The Acoustic Project   
One is keep track of the particular exuberance of the small consumers setting particular attention to the acoustic project observing the least requisite imposed from the normative ones improving the levels of confort of it, particularly:   
- for the control of the reverberation sonorous interior shot the environments;   
- for the limitation of the passage of noise between the environments;   
- for the reduction of deriving noise from the outside.   
For the inside control, and particularly in the classrooms of the sections and in the more noisy environments traditionally (zone lunch and free activity) he is recourse to the undulated form of the ceiling and with the insertion in the same one of layer in wool of rock, as well as to the materials of floor and the walls, also appraising the contribution of the disposition of you furnish to him.