» Faloppio Auditorium
  • Committente: Comune di Faloppio
  • Progettista: Arch. Albino Pozzi
  • Strutture: Ing. Della Bosca Paolo
  • Impianti: Ing. Lang
    Consulenti: Arch. Luigi Fabbri
  • Direzione Lavori: Arch. Albino Pozzi
  • Impresa Costruttrice: Castelli Antonio S.a.s


Auditorio Faloppio Auditorio Faloppio


  Auditorium / Library - Faloppio Municipality- Como - 1987


In order of the integrated program of recovery of the existing building patrimony the Administration of Faloppio Municipality has individualized the opportunity to furnish great thickness to the retraining of the portion of territory object of the program through the insertion ex novo of a structure to public use pointed out like “Auditorium / Library
The idea of the original project, even if in embryonic phase it was that to exploit some elements of bioclimatic architecture, particularly the greenhouse effect and the thermal gain for landfill.
As far as it concerns the greenhouse effect it is come to his complete function with forecast of ulterior integrations, what the external curtains and the inside curtains: the first ones, jointly to the sunscreens, to use in summer to avoid the overheating the seconds use instead in winter to limit the thermal dispersions.
Such installations are equipped with a remarkable sensory special endowed with automatism environmental conditions (temperature, solar light, day and night) for then to transmit her to a centralina (assistant system with control by microprocessor P.L.C.) that you regulate the openings of ventilation, as well as the opening of the curtains, with the purpose to furnish an environmental comfort of vivibilità also reducing the energetic consumption in consideration of the thermal gain for landfill of all the wrap.
It is in fact well-known like the ground, doing from thermal badminton, releases fresh air in summer and maintains lukewarm in winter.
Individualizing in flexibility ' the salient characteristic of the structure is able to absolve more function , agreements in the possibility of projections, theatrical representations, preparation shows, conferences, promotional breakfasts, etc... while a ‘area to if ' stante is devoted to the library.
Prominent characteristic is the possibility to lift the floor of a portion of the room, from the plain position to the oblique position, with the purpose to correct the curve of relative visibility to the distant pious places of the scene positively.